Corporate Responsibility

We believe that each of us has a responsibility towards the environment and this responsibility translates into a debt to society and future generations.

We implement a responsible environmental policy with the aim of responsibly managing the waste resulting from our operation, respecting natural resources, saving energy and contributing to the dissemination and adoption of environmentally friendly behavior.

We implement a program for the recycling of paper, aluminum, obsolete electronic and electrical appliances, but also the collection and reuse of ink cartridges and systematically control the consumption of energy and water in order to implement practices to reduce them.

Social Responsibility

We work every day to ensure a better quality of life and to offer hope to our fellow human beings in need.
It is a mission that is impossible to entrap in our close business operation. That is why we are systematically investing in initiatives that aim to protect human life more broadly and make it better in many ways. For as many of our fellow human beings as possible, in our area.

For this reason:

  • We support the valuable work of several clubs and organizations and support their actions.
  • We support social programs and actions aimed at strengthening vulnerable social groups, in collaboration with Non-Profit Organizations, agencies and associations.
  • We support conferences, seminars, workshops and other information and training activities.

Our goal for the future is not only to be consistent in the actions we are already implementing, but also to strengthen our program year by year, so that our interventions meet the growing needs of society and address more people in need.

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